What’s the main hurdle to succeeding with your own virtual business? Why do most Online Businesses fail? Many people

would say the absence of capital, don’t have the talents, not sufficient time, No Idea where to start, but I say it’s none of these issues.

The Biggest hurdle is your self-motivation. Without it, the achievement is almost impossible, but with it, we can defeat all other obstacles. The self- inspiration or motivation needs to be strong enough to stay resistant even when we have challenges, and even when we disappoint.

We can be motivated and inspired by other people, but that kind of motivation doesn’t long last and it doesn’t count the test of a stumbling block.


So the question is how can we get this type of self- inspiration and motivation, that stands even the setback and failures?

You need to discover your WHY. Your why is something that inspires you ahead of everything else. It’s the reason for maintaining your motivation for the outcomes you finally want to attain. Your WHY should be big enough!

You should believe that tests and challenges are avoidable and disappointment, trails simply brings us nearer to success. It’s very occasional to achieve success at something valuable without suffering some obstacles along the path of your goals.

I can’t count how many failures I am inflicted with, throughout my virtual business and online freelancing career, but my learning curve is round about 50,000 working hours, because it encompasses more than 20 years and I haven’t been calculating, how many time I fail, I fail countless times, I still have failures, but it doesn’t bother me. I know from experience, learn 100+ new Professional skills during my online career that failures are now helping to show me the path to achieving, that the way, I become an AMweb Pro by the grace of GOD almighty.

Getting back to the ‘WHY’. Everyone needs to have one. In my case, I have a few that still motivate me.

One is My passion for learning new online skills because learning never ends, online skills are countless, that always keep you motivated. second is ‘I want to make money lawfully, in other words, halal ways online’ because money is just no means to an end, you can do a lot of better things with the right money in life, even you achieve your goals. For example, if your ‘end’ is to pay off your utility bills, that’s probably not big enough. Also, that’s not why it’s a goal and the two are not the same.

If you have a goal to buy your own car, that’s a pretty good goal and it can be motivating, but often goals alone are not

enough to sustain self-motivation when things don’t go to plan. WHY would be the reason you want your own car. The reason could be that you want to make a better life, that will help you in your business, good for family traveling and having your own car would play a big part in that.

There is no end for this why, but not just any ‘end’. But don’t be greedy for money, make your online career as a passion, your first motivation, but it depends on you, you can find your own WHY for self-motivation.

So, if you have set goals, but you don’t have a WHY, spare some time finding the motive you want to get these goals because once you identify your big WHY, self-motivation and self-inspiration will be much easier!

Some extra helpful tips for your virtual/digital business success:

  • Find the right idea and set a goal.
  • Set Your WHY for motivation, dream big.
  • Learn skills for your online business Ideas.
  • Identify the obstacles to overcome these obstacles
  • Implement your tasks in small chunks.
  • Rotate your Work daily and weekly basis, keep doing.
  • Complete every task timely manner.
  • Determine your strengths and strategies to manage time.
  • Set timelines for each goal, set reminders, Manage your daily time.
  • Monitor your current goals and Track your progress.
  • Make your online business as a brand, so first of all design a good brand identity.
  • Develop a good Website for your online business.
  • Invest in search engine optimization for your website.
  • Choose the right SEO optimizer that does SEO on a daily or weekly basis for a minimum of three months.
  • Choose between local SEO or global SEO strategy, according to your online business model
  • Invest in digital marketing, especially social media marketing.
  • If you have a budget then hire a social media manager, spread your business info into the right audience.
  • View your completed goals and rewards for achieving your goals
  • Above all: The Key to Success is to Focus on Goals, Not Obstacles.