The forecast of Website Design

Web design is like a fine wine, complex and dynamic. It combines a multitude of skills and knowledge that have an influence on how well a site will be perceived by any given audience. Web design trends change greatly from year to year, constantly raising the digital design bar

Each year we see a new set of styles and standards that become attractive for business and brands to incorporate into their projects. From emerging technologies and algorithm updates to new color schemes and font designs, how do perceptive brands confront these changes? They harness the power of their website, constantly refreshing it to meet the needs of their audience. They plan ahead and are open about taking new approaches to connecting, interacting, and engaging with customers online.

Should you adopt Sketch?

It takes users a mere 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not they like your site and bounce away. You don’t have long to hook them, so any small effort you can make from a design standpoint to grab their attention and make your site stand out is worth it. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is not just enough to have a great-looking website, it must also convert.

Web design trends are here to drive innovative conversion by utilizing accessible technology to create websites that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. In 2019 we will see aesthetics and technology come together like never before to make this happen. Improved user interaction and visitor experience will be a recurring theme that shapes the industry.

Fact Check

So, why do we care so much about the web design forecast for 2019? Well, we care because it is part of our job. But when it comes to expressing the importance of quality and innovation in web design, here are a few reasons why you should care too.

  • 48% of visitors consider a website’s design to be the most telling factor about the credibility of a business.
  • 94% of visitors bounce from a website and stop trusting it because of degraded design and poor usability.
  • 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on the design of their website.
  • There is a $100 return for every $1 that companies invest in website user
  • 50% of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information on a website.

Need I say more?

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